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Policy Review

100% FREE Policy Review

Have the peace of mind of knowing
your policy is everything you expected

Very often we have Life Insurance policies we took out many years ago and, if you are like most people, the details you remember are probably far from accurate.  In fact, more than 90% of the policy reviews we perform result in policies with a much lower death benefit than what the policyholders thought they had.

This can be critical if the insured has contracted a disease since the time his or her policy was issued. Or even worse, if the insured dies leaving his or her beneficiaries with less coverage than intended.

Here are a few things we often discover during policy reviews:

  • The face value is much lower than what the policyholder thought
  • The death benefit only covers accidental death
  • The policy term expires sooner than the policyholder thought
  • The spouse’s coverage is only a rider and it dies with the insured
  • The life insurance portion is tied to a health plan with conditions

How does our FREE Policy Review service work?

We will schedule a home visit and sit down with you to go over your policy documents. We will highlight the most relevant information regarding your policy such as the Death Benefit, What’s Covered, Policy Term, Policy Riders, Policy Premiums, etc.


How long will our FREE Policy Review take?

Our consultations normally take no more than 30 minutes, but this could vary depending on the questions you may have, the complexity of the policy, or the amount of policies being reviewed.


Do I have to be a client of Runway 25, Inc.
in order to have a FREE Policy Review?

Absolutely not! Our FREE Policy Review is offered to anyone with one or more Life Insurance policies in the United States. We would, of course, hope that after experiencing our excellent service you would consider referring us to your friends and family; but it is certainly not a requirement.


Is our FREE Policy Review service really FREE?

Yes. Our Policy review service is 100% FREE of cost to the policyholder. However a glass of water or sweet tea would be nice. And we will never turn down coffee!


How do I request a FREE Policy Review?

We’re glad you asked! Simply fill out the form below or call our office at (910) 705-4777.


Request your FREE Policy Review right now!

Our scheduling for FREE Policy Reviews is limited
and we work requests in a first come first serve basis.
Because this service is FREE to anyone,
our schedule for FREE Policy reviews fills up quickly.
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